Lactation and Pregnant Story samples

From underneath STALLION he lifted two black rubber milking cones attached to a small suction pump. Ingeniously designed the suction force rotated a rubber ball inside each cup, creating jointly or independently a massaging licking sensation around a victims nipples. Gillion was coaxed into two further unwanted orgasms, by the "milking machine . After she had been seated, we attached two large suction cups to her tits. These were connected by hoses to a milking machine in the next room, which gently but firmly sucked the milk from her pendulous breasts .

Hengest now appeared with a small machine that contained a hose and several attachments on it. It was a milking machine! Cara heard a loud noise as the machines vacuum pump kicked in. Hengest now stripped naked in front of Cara and let his cock flop out. He knelt down with the machine next to Cara and placed the milker onto Cara's swollen tits . Cara felt the vacuum begin to pull at her nipples.

I stepped back so they could fasten the suction-machine to his new breasts. Something like a milking-machine really. Sally and Alice used cosmetic glue to fasten the rubber suction-pads to Mike's breasts. I switched the machine on just as Mike blinked his eyes open. I met his eye and started talking; the machine hummed in the background. Each pad alternately sucking and releasing; sucking and releasing his nipples.

My breasts were so swollen and purple by the end of the two weeks that just touching them made milk leakout. She hooked me up to the milking machine and pulled about 1 1/2 quarts out of by breasts, which she promptly gave to me as an enema. I have never felt so relieved in my life. Of course, the milking machine is never a gentle way to get milk out of your breasts. It's the same machine used to milk the cows that are on the farm." The Nurse put on her lab coat and left the room.

This thrust her tits upward, and I quickly sucked the right one into my mouth. I began to drink her milk once again. Soon we moved to the couch and I continued to drain her breast while kneeling before her as she sat on the edge of the cushion.

Madam Zar pushed a switch and the pump came to life. Jin steadied herself by spreading apart her legs. From the blank look on Jin's face Jan gathered that milking was part of Jin's daily routine. Jan could see white milk flowing through the clear plastic hoses from Jin's breasts to the tank.

She would unhook her right cup-flap, letting that engorged boobie tumble free. That engorged milk-jug looked so perfectly round, like an over-blown balloon ready to burst. Under that taut creamy-white flesh, those bulging blue spider-veins were so clearly revealed, making that boobie look bloated to its absolute fullest.

"Milking time," she said. "I do both my udders at once with this new pump. I left the can outside, Miss, would you mind ...?" The headmistress fumbled with something beneath the cover of the desk for a few moments, then applied the suction cups - one, two - to Cassandra's nipples. Instantly, the big girl's eyes closed in deepest ecstasy. A trickling sound started, as milk began dribbling and spurting into the huge container.

Marcia, the tall redheaded Senior girl, was hooked up to a milking machine. She stood next to it with her breasts hanging freely in front of her. Like elongated giant haggises, they reached to her knees ... Wet milky patches showed at the ends of her teats as she made straight for the nearest stool and sat down. The women gaped at her, aghast, as she picked up the nozzle of the milking apparatus and applied it to an already dribbling nipple. The machine pulsed into life and the girl let out a sigh of deepest relief.

First I hesitated, but then I leaned forward and softly stroked her breast with my fingertips. Katharine breathing deepened and she leaned back and closed her eyes. I took her nipple in my mouth and began to suck on it. The milk had a lovely taste and I sucked it out of her as my hand squeezed and massaged her other breast. My host-mom liked the treatment I gave her and she was sucking on one of her fingers and stroking her golden blond hair while I was milking her. As she ran out of milk in the first breast I moved on to the other and continued to feed on her. "You like my milk?" I just moaned a yes as I kept drinking. "Oh, yes! Paul, you're my favorite baby!"

I walked over to the couch, laid down, and put my head in her lap. Before she did anything she positioned my head towards her knees as she had with her child. She slowly began to lift her sweater. The huge milk-filled breast was right at my face. The large nipple was still leaking the sweet fluid as my mouth slowly encapsuled it. The minute I put my lips on her breast, milk started to flow oh so freely. The watery-sweet liquid was warm and with each suck her milk filled my mouth. I put my hand on the breast for support while she massaged my head. She spoke softly as I nursed at her breast. "Suck all you want sweetheart," she said, "Momma's got plenty of milk for you."

""She attached the clear tubes leading from the suction cups to the pump, and unclasped her bra. Her bra was soaked, and she tossed it into the tub. Milk dripped freely from both nipples onto the towel in her lap. As the machine whirred to life, she felt suction develop inside the cups. Immediately, milk gushed violently from her nipples, completely filled the tubes with opaque white milk.

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